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Our 5-star luxury hotel is a proud member of Small Luxury Hotels across the world, except that LuxHotel offers you the experience of Mykonian lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the restrained luxury, coziness, and comfort of pure Cycladic minimalism.

Intricate architecture of this idealistic Mykonian building boasts the meticulous designs of renowned architects — Gregory Gavalli, Jonathan Maurikis, and Nikolas Likoudis, — who drew their inspiration from Cycladic elements and natural forms of the LuxHotel’s surroundings, the Aegean Sea, spirit of water, dazzling white sand, and timeless olive trees. The hotel interior embodies whitewashed walls in sinuous doorways leading you outdoor to the comfortable seating areas.

LuxHotel was built to compliment the local architecture and surroundings, paying tribute to the nobleness and originality of the Mykonos island, as well as the traditional artistry of local craftsmen of the past.

The Mykonos history of LuxHotel blends with the modern comforts of luxury hotels that distinguish this 5-star hotel from others, making it a perfect place to stay in Mykonos.

LuxHotel strives to offer you a selection of the best luxury suites and rooms, along with the highest quality and personalized customer service to perfectly match your needs.

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